Are you Brexit Ready? Use our online test.

Is your business Brexit Ready? With all the confusion and media attention on Brexit, it’s important you know if your company is prepared for our exit from the European Union.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was desperate to hold a vote on his deal, but the Remainer Speaker John Bercow today blocked his request.

The PM has threatened to impose all-night sittings in the Commons this week as he tries to force his deal through Parliament.

With just 10 days to go until the UK is due to leave the UK, he wants to hold a meaningful vote on Brexit after Sir Oliver Letwin’s wrecking amendment ruined his plans on Saturday and forced him to seek a Brexit extension from the EU.

The Speaker John Bercow made the bombshell ruling after the PM tried to re-run a vote on his Brexit deal. He had hoped for a yes-or-no vote from MP’s, but the Speaker scuppered his plans by saying the attempt went against Commons procedure.

The rules state that MP’s can’t be given a second vote on the same matter unless the circumstances have changed.

Whatever happens, your company needs to be prepared for Brexit, whether there is a Deal or No-Deal.

Brexit online test

Take our online test to get an instant evaluation about how ready you and your business are to leave the EU.

With all the confusion around Brexit, we’ve put together a simple, online test to help you find out what you and your business

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Simple to use

With all the confusion around Brexit at the moment and with no-one knowing what will happen in tomorrow’s vote, it seems prudent for businesses to take our on-line test.

If, after taking the quiz you require to take some specific actions to prepare for Brexit then you can find everything you need by accessing our iCaaS GDPR software.

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