iCaaS leads the way with innovative software

Scottish entrepreneur Nicola Hartland found a gap in the GDPR market and has since built a very successful business.
Hartland discovered that there wasn’t a company offering a quick and easy solution to help her business comply with the new rules. And so iCaaS was launched.
She set about raising more than £1.3million worth of investment from a range of backers and two years developing one of the most disruptive pieces of software on the market. iCaaS is now the UK’s #1 GDPR software and is used by companies all over the country.
The company were recently asked to exhibit and speak at the annual Data Protection Summit, Scotland’s largest Data Protection and Privacy event for business, organised by DIGIT.

The event was held at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. Prior to the event, DIGIT founder Ray Bugg said: “It’s fantastic to have one of the leading providers of GDPR at our event.”

Nicola Hartland, iCaaS CEO

Compliance as a Service

iCaaS, which stands for Compliance as a Service, provides innovative GDPR software, allowing businesses to effortlessly manage and maintain their compliance. A reliable, easy-to-use solution that allows businesses to get on with the day job.
Did you know that 90% of data breaches are caused by human error? This makes the need for training vital to businesses who work with people’s personal data. The iCaaS training module is cloud based and can get employees GDPR savvy in less than an hour.
The company is now keen to continue their impeccable track record of forging partnerships with high calibre businesses who will benefit from a potentially lucrative revenue field.
The key to the success of iCaaS has been taking the product to market with some of the biggest players in the UK including Santander; Nominet; IRIS Software and ICPA.
They are receiving lots of other enquiries from lots of other potential partners looking to include this as part of their offering and have some big names to announce in 2020.

Unique Solution

Russell Haworth, the CEO & Executive Director of Nominet, the .uk domain name registry in the UK said: “iCaaS offers a unique solution to a complex problem. We decided to partner with iCaaS because they offer a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software that manages and maintains GDPR compliance for businesses of all sizes”.
The software provides a host of features including allowing you to create bespoke GDPR compliant policies and documents using the document generator.
Business partner and iCaaS chairman is Kevin Gaskell, who managed the turnaround of Porsche from close to bankruptcy. He and Hartland set about making sure the software was the best available on the market.
Hartland, iCaaS CEO, said: “It’s not only high-profile companies making headline news that need to worry about fines under the GDPR. Smaller companies cannot remain complacent. Businesses of all sizes need to make sure they are compliant and aware of how they handle personal data. Businesses should have policies in place to ensure they are using data compliantly and iCaaS is the perfect solution for this.”

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