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Ensuring UK GDPR compliance goes beyond meeting legal requirements—it’s about safeguarding your business and your clients’ interests. It’s a vital step towards effectively harnessing data and maintaining a competitive edge in your market. Achieving commercial growth and securing future business can depend on it.

Introducing Data Support Hub: the fast, user-friendly solution for GDPR compliance. Say goodbye to the hassle, skip the jargon, empower your team, and unlock the competitive advantage that intelligent data management provides.


Data Compliance Pro simplifies, enables and demonstrates your UK GDPR compliance. It crafts bespoke documents, tailored to your business, and efficiently manages any incidents to save you time and worry.

Most major clients now insist their suppliers can demonstrate compliance – Data Compliance Pro does that for you. Our platform is the ultimate tool for navigating GDPR compliance effortlessly and caters for companies of all sizes across the UK. By showcasing your commitment to data protection, you enhance your credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

Prices start at just £32 per month.


Our cloud-based GDPR training simplifies the regulations and how they apply to you. It offers a comprehensive online resource that adheres to ICO guidelines. Say goodbye to confusing jargon – our training provides practical, actionable insights that your team can apply immediately. With easy access to audit trails for all trainees, you can effortlessly track progress and ensure compliance.

Remember, it’s a legal requirement in the UK for all staff handling personal data to undergo GDPR training. Our platform makes meeting this requirement a breeze.

Starting from £3 per person.

The “Biggest cyber risk is complacency, not hackers”

Information Commissioners Office

Information Commissioners Office

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the data protection watchdog that enforces the rules of GDPR, making sure that businesses within the UK are compliant. Data Support Hub follows the guidelines set out by this regulatory body.

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