Our turnkey solution to your GDPR compliance.

Save time with your compliance, generate bespoke documentation, manage Subject Access Requests and data breaches with our platform.

Demonstrate your compliance to potential clients with our Data Compliance Score.

Easy Setup

Using Data Compliance Pro couldn’t be easier. Simple, comprehensive prompts guide you through the entire process, ensuring all relevant information is captured. You don’t need to be an expert in data protection or GDPR as the system takes the work out of reviewing the data used in your business from all sources such as finance, HR and areas specific to your sector. Pre-defined options and our handy tools remove the guesswork.

Document Generator

Generate all your necessary data compliance documents automatically, including your privacy policy. These documents are bespoke to your business and are based on the information you have provided. All your documents & policies are securely stored, including those documents you upload. Lifetime updates to the documents following new ICO guidance are included.

Data Breaches and SARs

If data breaches, Subject Access Requests (SARs) or other incidents occur, Data Compliance Pro will guide you through the steps to ensure you are compliant whilst helping you track your progress towards a resolution. Deadlines are managed, reducing the risk of penalties, and reports are automatically created.

Integrated Training

Train your team using our integrated data protection training course. Full management of each trainee is included to demonstrate your compliance. Training is available online to explain what your team need to know and how to apply that knowledge. Learn more.

Data Compliance Rating

Your Data Compliance score will automatically update based on your progress within each module. Areas which are incomplete are flagged and we help you show all personal data processing and transfers are legal and secure. Use your score to demonstrate your compliance to your customers, supply chain or other stakeholders.

“it’s important for us as the regulator to show that non-compliance with data protection is not profitable”

How Does It Work?

Basic Details

Complete basic details about your company, including logo and address, to be used in your documents.

Personal Data

We show you how to capture the details of the personal data you process and what needs to be done to make sure the processing is compliant. Guidance and tools are available at each step whenever you need help. You don’t need to be a data management expert – the glossary will explain any terms you aren’t familiar with.

Data Flows

Check your data flows in and out of your company with our step by step system, ensuring data transfers are safe and legal. Following the prompts in the platform will flag any areas that require action and provide guidance on how to resolve those issues.


Complete the checklist to easily make sure your company is compliant in any outstanding areas.


Generate your bespoke documents automatically, they are available for immediate use. Version control is included at no extra cost.


Train all your staff members using our integrated training management platform.

Breaches & Subject Access Requests

If breaches or Subject Access Requests other incidents occur, Data Compliance Pro will guide you to complete the required records at the right time. Never miss a deadline – they are calculated for you.

Compliance Score

Your Data Compliance score will update based on your progress. You can be sure your company remains compliant with the monthly check-up questions.

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