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iCaaS’s easy-to-use, intuitive system allows you to create bespoke GDPR compliant policies and documents using our document generator.

Organisations must, therefore, ensure personal data is securely disposed of when no longer needed. This then reduces the risk that information will become inaccurate, out of date or irrelevant.

The Document Generator allows bespoke documents and policies with version control to be generated and automatically updates using all the information from the Data Review sections. Easy, fast and all at the click of a button.

Did you know that to remain GDPR compliant, you are required to have several specific documents and policies in place to remain compliant?

Using the iCaaS software, we have compiled a list of eight required comprehensive documents and policies:

  • Privacy Notice
  • Privacy Notice Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Procedure for handling children’s data
  • Rights and Requests procedure
  • Data Breach Procedure
  • Personal Data Transfer Procedure

The iCaaS Document Generator application has several features which helps you to manage and maintain GDPR compliance including:

  • Bespoke policies. Comprehensive policies automatically created, tailored to the activities and requirements of your organisation.
  • Lifetime Updates. As new guidance is released by the ICO, our tool will automatically create the latest documents for you, ready to be downloaded and published.
  • Automatically created documents. Documents created automatically based on your company information provided in the Data Review section
  • Alerts and Reminders. Alerts and reminders update you when updated policies are available to be downloaded and published.
  • Secure Storage. All your documents & policies securely stored with version control including those documents you upload
  • Additional Edits. Once your document has been generated, you can add, edit and update your document as required.

We have helped many businesses to effortlessly manage and maintain their GDPR compliance. Positive feedback has included rave reviews about how simple the software is to use.

GDPR places a huge emphasis on the fact that personal data should not be retained longer than necessary, in relation to the purpose for which such data is processed.

Organisations must therefore ensure personal data is securely disposed of when no longer needed. This then reduces the risk that information will become inaccurate, out of date or irrelevant.


One satisfied iCaaS customer was keen to share her experience as an example of how the Document Generator had helped her organise her business efficiently and gave her peace of mind that she was doing everything she could to remain compliant.

She explained: “We were getting several requests about personal information from clients soon after the GDPR regulation came into force. To be honest, the threat of fines was enough to make us seek advice and help from iCaaS. We were worried that if we didn’t get our house in order, then there was a risk that our business could have been in jeopardy as we are not a big organisation, but we handle a lot of private data”.

Before you can identify or delete information you need to be able to find it.
If you can’t find this information in your paper documents, then how can you comply with the GDPR?

She added: “I contacted iCaaS and their software was just what I was looking for. One of the many tools available was the Document Generator, which had all the features I needed to help keep a track of all my documents and updated and stored everything I needed. This was invaluable and just what the company needed to remain compliant. Ultimately, this tool made sure that the company was not put in any immediate risk and is safeguarded for the future.”

This is one way that the Document Generator has proved invaluable for a small company.

Another way is that under the ‘right to be forgotten’, anyone can make a request for deletion of personal information was made to an organisation.

This means that if an individual wants you to destroy all the information you hold on them, you must to do this.  You also need to get rid of paperwork after you have no ‘compelling reason for its continued processing’ for example after a tax period has expired.

iCaaS as a solution

iCaaS takes the hard work out of GDPR, making it quick and simple to use. We provide the UK’s #1 GDPR software solution.

iCaaS, which stands for Compliance as a Service provides innovative GDPR management software.

GDPR can be complex, time-consuming and difficult to understand.

But how many people realise that heavy fines and damage to reputation are on the cards if you ignore new GDPR rulings?

iCaaS CEO and Co-Founder Nicola Hartland said: “It’s not only high-profile companies making headline news that need to worry about fines under the GDPR. Smaller companies cannot remain complacent. Businesses of all sizes need to make sure they are compliant and aware of how they handle personal data. There’s no point burying your head in the sand as regulations are now in place to protect people’s information.”

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