DPO vs GDPR Software: the benefits and drawbacks of both


The GDPR introduces a duty for you to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) if you are a public authority or body, or if you carry out certain types of processing activities.

DPOs assist you to monitor internal compliance, inform and advise on your data protection obligations, provide advice regarding Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and act as a contact point for data subjects and the supervisory authority.

The DPO’s role is to inform and advise, monitor compliance, manage internal data protection activities, and be the first point of contact in a breach. The DPO reports to the board, cannot be penalised for performing their duties, and must have adequate resources for their role. They do not have to be an employee and can be external.

Organisations are required to appoint a designated DPO where it is a public authority or body, or where its core activities consist of either:

  • Data processing operations that require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale; or
  • Large-scale processing of special categories of personal data (‘sensitive data’) or personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

DPO tasks

The GDPR is explicit about the tasks that DPOs are required to perform. They include:

  • Informing and advising the organisation and its employees of their data protection obligations under the GDPR;
  • Monitoring the organisation’s compliance with the GDPR and internal data protection policies and procedures.
  • Advising on the necessity of DPIAs, the manner of their implementation and outcomes;
  • Serve as the contact point to data protection authorities for all data protection issues, including data breach reporting; and
  • Serve as the contact point for individuals on privacy matters, including subject access requests.

Cons of using a DPO

Many organisations, particularly smaller ones, may find that the DPO’s responsibilities are a challenge to deliver, given the breadth of knowledge required of data processing and data security operations.

There could be considerable costs for a company in employing a DPO.

The GDPR allows organisations to outsource the DPO role to an external provider ie: by using GDPR software.


Outsourcing DPO tasks and duties to a managed service provider has its benefits. It means you get access to expert advice and guidance that helps you address the GDPR’s compliance demands while staying focused on your business activities. These include:

  • A practical and cost-effective solution to achieve GDPR compliance;
  • Access to independent DPO expertise not available internally;
  • No conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities;
  • Application of best practice in achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance;
  • Cost-effective compared to an internal appointment; and
  • Access to GDPR training and compliance solutions.

GDPR Software

GDPR Software helps organizations identify sensitive data and ensures it is handled securely. There are many benefits of using software. By using iCaaS, these benefits include:

Flexibility – customers can store, access and secure sensitive, personal data.

Simplicity – Simple to use online tools and resources and assurance of compliance

Affordable options – our solution starts from just £9.99 a month.

Full technical support –available by phone, LiveChat, email an online ticketing system

Support – UK-based team of certified GDPR experts

This means that by using our sophisticated GDPR software, it:

  • Saves time – Reduce the time it takes to maintain companies using our GDPR Management solution, with tools specifically built to help non-compliance individuals to answer the questions and get the job done so they can get back to their day job.
  • Cuts cost – cost of time spent doing the job, much cheaper than competitions, no need to employee additional staff to help cover the time taken to manage the compliance job.
  • Reduces risk – using the GDPR Management solution helps you to become compliant quickly and helps you to maintain it, reducing the risk of non-compliance which can results in fines, bad PR and more.

The only disadvantage is that some software solutions can be very expensive. That’s why here at iCaaS we offer a competitively priced GDPR solution from just £9.99 a month.

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