GDPR in 2020 – Key topics for the year ahead.

As we start 2020, what does the year ahead mean for GDPR and what are likely to be the key issues?

GDPR Awareness Training and Cybersecurity will be the hot topics businesses will be talking about this year.

The GDPR will be two years-old in May. Its purpose is to protect the data and privacy rights of European Union citizens.

It places restrictions on how organizations can process personal data, and what rights individuals have in limiting who may access that data, and it has already shown its teeth.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) have already dished out fines for violations and there have been fines of €50 million and £99 million judgements in 2019 against Google and Marriott respectively. While the burden placed on companies can be stringent, the protections provided to individuals have been well received.

Not many countries outside the EU have similar laws in place. But in 2020, the United States is moving a step closer to following suit. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), went into effect yesterday. There are now calls for a similar model to be rolled out across the U.S.

Effective training

It’s all well and good having a tough regulation in place but it also means that employees must be given adequate training.

This is why iCaaS has responded to this need and offers effective online GDPR Awareness training. Our comprehensive online course is made up of 9 training video modules. At the end of each module you will be asked two simple questions from a pool of multiple-choice questions to make sure you have understood clearly what you have learnt.  

The course is used to train all employees around GDPR and provide annual GDPR refresher training. Our engaging and professional content is delivered to all your employees via our training management system and is simple and easy to understand.

Employees can be provided access to the training from your management console and you can ensure that training has been completed and analyse exam results, creating an audit trail of your staff GDPR training.

The course is designed to be simple and easy to use. We provide you and your staff with a comprehensive online training resource around GDPR. You will learn the key facts surrounding the regulation and provides your business with a complete online audit trail as standard. All this is delivered by our training management system and you will know who has completed the training and passed the tests.  This all helps to minimise the risk of data breaches with effective training to avoid fines and reputational damage.

Cyber security

There are still many businesses who take a reactive approach to data protection. In 2020, this way of thinking needs to change and more emphasis needs to be placed on GDPR compliance and addressing any cyber security vulnerabilities.

Last year, two surveys – one by audit and tax consultancy RSM and the other by data virtualisation firm Delphix gathered some worrying statistics. They found that 30% of European businesses were not confident they were compliant, and that some businesses were giving their leadership cause to believe they were compliant when this was not necessarily true.

With so much information being sent via the web, consumers increasingly demand – and rely – on businesses being secure and transparent. Making sure the technology you have and use is secure is vital. Let’s face it, no business wants to be a victim of cyber attacks.The best way to prevent this is to verify the business has an effective security plan in place before any attack can happen. Cyber security needs to be more than an afterthought. Hackers are getting smarter and businesses need to keep one step ahead.

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