iCaaS launches online GDPR awareness training to protect UK businesses

Did you know that most data breaches in the UK are down to human error?

A staggering 88% are not caused by hackers but rather they are mistakes that could easily be avoided with proper training.

And 37% of those are caused by sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient – mostly via email.1

Here at iCaaS, we offer training as part of our comprehensive software solution as we know how important it is to minimise the risk of data breaches to avoid fines and reputational damage.

You can get GDPR savvy in just under an hour with our easy-to-use software solution.

Minimise risks

The iCaaS GDPR awareness training course provides users with online video awareness training. There is a short multiple-choice exam at the end of each module with easy to understand questions.

The complete training management includes: user management; training status; full reports with scores and progress and a GDPR training audit trail.

A regular programme of awareness training allows your employees to keep on track with the requirements of GDPR.

Article 39 and 47 of the regulation places security awareness training of employees as a central goal. The iCaaS training courses provides up-to-date training which is always kept updated when new guidance is issued by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), helping to future-proof your company’s GDPR compliance.

The course is designed to be simple and easy to use.

We provide you and your staff with a comprehensive online training resource around GDPR. You will learn the key facts surrounding the regulation and provide your business with a complete online audit trail as standard.

All this is delivered via the training management system.

The course made up of 9 training video modules. At the end of each module you will be asked two simple questions from a pool of multiple choice questions to make sure you have understood clearly what you have learnt. 

The course is used to train all employees around GDPR and provide annual GDPR refresher training. The engaging and professional content is delivered to employees and is easy-to-understand.


Employees can be provided access to the training from the management console where you can ensure that training has been completed and analyse exam results, creating an audit trail of your staff GDPR training.

Access to the iCaaS GDPR Awareness course is priced at £17.99 a month.

This includes access to the core training management software which allows you to enrol nominated staff, report on their progress and create a body of evidence required when demonstrating compliance to the ICO.

Included in the monthly price is two training tokens, allowing two members of staff to access and complete the training course. Additional tokens can be purchased depending on the number of employees that require GDPR awareness training.

iCaaS CEO Nicola Hartland said: “Ignoring GDPR and not providing effective training for your staff leaves your businesses vulnerable to data breaches.

“Our software provides the perfect solution.”

Benefits to businesses

A recent paper by Osterman Research reports that less than half of organisations train their employees on GDPR. They found that only 42% of organisations train their employees.

Companies across all sectors, inside and outside the EU, must meet the GDPR’s stringent data privacy and security requirements.

Making sure that all employees have GDPR employee training is a key feature of the requirements of the regulation.

There are practical steps that businesses can take to ensure they are aligned with GDPR requirements and it’s important that everybody in the organisation knows how to handle data securely and know what to look out for when it comes to the threats to the network.

Businesses must also prioritise awareness and ongoing training to ensure that everybody in the organisation knows how to handle data securely.

It’s almost impossible to make any network completely secure and unbreachable -but that is not what GDPR requires of companies.

However, what businesses do have is the ability to minimise the risk of human error.

Undertaking awareness training has many benefits and creates a feeling of ownership of the needs of GDPR compliance, making it a whole organisational exercise.

Crucially, businesses risk losing customer trust if they are prone to data breaches and cannot be relied upon to handle and maintain their personal data securely and in a responsible manner.

The lack of training increases the risk of human errors that can lead to data breaches. It is better for companies to prevent breaches instead of simply reacting when they do.

Businesses need to make sure they not only implement effective GDPR training as a priority for staff but also make sure it is ongoing, practical and relevant to their organisation.

Get in touch with iCaaS today about our new GDPR awareness training. Contact Sarah.churchard@myicaas.com for further details.


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