Top 5 ways iCaaS can boost your brand

As businesses start looking towards moving out of lockdown, this is the time to take measures to help stay ahead of the competition. Protecting and boosting a business brand is vital. Do you have a post-pandemic plan? One of the easiest and quickest ways to help your business is to make sure your data is secure. Recent research by Guardum revealed that three-quarters of surveyed DPOs said they were struggling to keep up with their data compliance obligations during lockdown.

These are the top five ways iCaaS can help your business and the steps you can take to prepare your business for life after lockdown.


Put simply, iCaaS helps protect your business reputation and gain clients. Research has found that 79% of people would reconsider using a company they knew had previously suffered a data breach.

The solution also protects your business and staff from costly prosecutions. Clients are increasingly aware of their rights and are increasingly ready to act against anyone who is careless with their data and bring personal action against them. This not only could this result in financial penalties but would also reputational damage. The data security regulations apply whether you are part of a large organisation or are your own boss.


Did you know that more than 80% of data breaches are down to human error? Sending emails to the wrong recipients, downloading a malware-infected attachment, or failing to use a strong password are all ways that human error could ultimately lead to a data breach. Many of these lapses in judgement happen due to lack of knowledge, because the employee is tired, distracted or not paying attention. With simple training from iCaaS, these simple – yet potentially damaging mistakes, could have been avoided.

No-one relishes the thought of endless training courses and hard to understand manuals, let alone navigating online courses that are trickier than an IKEA guide to putting together a piece of furniture.

That’s what makes iCaaS stand out from all the rest. The training solution was specifically devised to be simple and quick to understand and navigate.  On average, it takes just 30 minutes to complete online, is cloud-based and accessible through your browser. The iCaaS data protection training course will guide your team through the data protection requirements in the UK. The course is used to train all employees around data protection and provide annual refresher training. The content is delivered to all your employees via a training management system.


Using iCaaS allows you to build confidence amongst your clients. In conjunction with the iCaaS cloud-based, data compliance solution the training supports companies to become and remain GDPR compliant. The iCaaS software does all the hard work of achieving compliance and ultimately minimises the risk of data breaches – especially those posed by home working. By securing your business the iCaaS platform will save you time and money. More importantly it will secure your staff and help to build confidence and trust within your customer base.

Comprehensive data protection

The software was designed and developed as a market leading solution. It is designed to be easy and effective and compliance is achieved through efficient data processes. iCaaS works across all locations and facilitates home working.

Client specific

iCaaS is adaptable to any company’s needs and a bespoke solution can be tailored to specific requirements. It is the perfect solution for every business, regardless of size and is ideal for all businesses from 1 to 100,000 employees. It offers complete protection with low subscription.

iCaaS, has made such an impact on the software solution market that it has secured several high-calibre partners including Nominet, My PT Hub, IRIS, ICPA and Santander. They are also working with CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).

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