GDPR Compliance, the Sales Opportunity You Never Knew

With 66% of businesses reportedly unwilling to deal with counterparties that are not demonstrably GDPR compliant, there is an opportunity for those that are to grow trust, relationships, and sales.

Every organisation is aware of how important it is to be GDPR compliant, and not just because of the risk of substantial fines if they are not. But not every business is aware of how compliance can help them increase sales.

That’s where we come in. We can help you leverage a sales opportunity that you didn’t even know existed.

GDPR Compliance Is an Asset You Can Use

Being GDPR compliant means you won’t miss out on two-thirds of available business from companies who wouldn’t deal with you if you weren’t.

If we assume that some of your competition is not demonstrably compliant, it also means that the number of competitors fighting for the same business is smaller. That equates to more market share available for you.

It’s not enough for an organisation to claim they are compliant with the regulations, even if they are. Businesses must be able to provide proof. It’s not enough to tick a box and think GDPR is covered. It’s an ongoing process that needs monitoring and managing.

Many companies use audits, or the number of breaches, or the level of enforcement action against them to measure the effectiveness of their GDPR policies. While these are all good indicators they are limited in their scope.

Issues highlighted by audits must then be acted on to have a positive impact; can you depend on this? And would you really want to risk a serious breach or expensive legal action before taking steps you could take now?

So while the failure to be GDPR compliant can result in security threats, serious reputational risk, and hefty fines and legal penalties, you can also use your compliance to gain a competitive advantage. It’s win-win.

If your current and potential clients know immediately you are GDPR compliant and monitoring your processes to ensure the best possible outcomes, you already have a distinguishing feature.

Your competitor may not have taken the time to publish their GDPR credentials. Given the choice, which company would you choose?

How Do We Make and Keep You GDPR Compliant?

iCaaS software will give you a data compliance rating across all elements of your business and publish it. Counterparties can instantaneously see your score and will know they can trust you. Our system creates a body of evidence as proof.

And we don’t just leave you to it.

Our software generates a score based on your compliance answers in relation to your organisation’s requirements. We flag up areas that need to be addressed and provide guidance for improvements.

You will get alerts and reminders when your score drops, which, along with our monthly questions allows you to maintain and improve your score. Remaining compliant is a continual task so we take all the hard work out of it.

Your iCaaS Data Compliance Rating Will Help You Make and Save Money

You can use your iCaaS data compliance star rating throughout your organisation: in your marketing material, on your website, and in your financial documentation and contracts.

An ongoing system to monitor GDPR compliance protects your systems from the ceaseless evolving threats that undermine your cyber safety. And it won’t just help save you from expensive legal action and embarrassing data breaches, both of which can be incredibly costly for your finances and reputation.

In a 2020 survey administrated by Censuswide, 15% of respondents ‘estimated a financial return of between £1 million and £10 million, as a result of their corporate legal compliance programme’.

So, it saves you money and it also gives you a real sales opportunity. Your iCaaS star rating can help you make more sales, win more business, and close more deals. It provides a selling point with a perceived benefit.

We already know that 66% of businesses will not deal with companies who cannot demonstrate GDPR compliance.

Why risk a potential client moving on because to check your compliance they need to make enquiries? Make it easy for them and publish your star rating instead.

Demonstrate your compliance. Win more business and protect yours. Book a demo here!

Can you really afford not to?

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