iCaaS launches data protection training software for home workers

Employees across the UK now find themselves working from home and iCaaS has responded by launching a training solution to meet their needs.

iCaaS is the Trusted Standard in Data Protection and helps businesses achieve, manage and maintain full data compliance through our fully cloud-based software solution.

We have launched a training solution to meet the demands of home working and data security to help people who are still handling data – but doing it from their own homes.

The way we work and how we run our businesses has changed dramatically since COVID-19. There’s little doubt that the methods now employed may well make more economic sense to carry on with, even after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

A significant percentage of the population are now working from home and the measures in place to protect people’s lives during this time does not stop businesses from keeping all the personal information they hold secure. In fact, the need is now greater than ever.

Our data protection training course is accessible through your browser and takes on average, just 30 minutes to complete and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We provide you and your staff with a comprehensive online training resource on data protection.

We help businesses achieve, manage and maintain full data compliance, helping you save time and money whilst instilling confidence within your customer base that you are being responsible with their data, even by changing your usual work practices and working remotely.

The iCaaS software was developed with more than £1.5million worth of investment from a range of backers and within two years has become one of the most disruptive pieces of software on the market.

Home working

A report from security firm Centrify has revealed that 71% of UK businesses think that home working is putting their organisations at risk. A staggering 46% have already seen an increase in phishing attacks targeting their networks and data since implementing a policy of widespread remote working. 

Nicola Hartland, iCaaS CEO said: “We recognised that people have changed the way they work and that’s why we immediately started adapting our software to address the fact that most people will now find themselves working from home.

“Before COVID-19, over 80% of data breaches were down to human error. We expect this figure to rise sharply with so many people using borrowed office equipment or their own devices.

“With effective training you can reduce the risk of breaches and in turn protect your reputation and avoid fines. It isn’t simply a case of ensuring your systems are secure and that your anti-virus programmes up to date. You need to make sure your staff are aware of all the risks involved with remote working.

The iCaaS data protection training course will guide your team through the data protection requirements in the UK. Fully cloud based and accessible through your browser, our training provides a comprehensive online training resource on data protection.

The course is used to train all employees around data protection and provide annual refresher training. The content is delivered to all your employees via our training management system and is easy to understand.

Security awareness

There is no better time than the present to raise the security awareness of employees through cost-effective training. Such training will remind people about good remote security practices.

In conjunction with the iCaaS cloud-based, data compliance solution the training supports companies to become and remain GDPR compliant. The iCaaS software does all the hard work of achieving compliance and ultimately minimises the risk of data breaches – especially those posed by home working. By securing your business the iCaaS platform will save you time and money. More importantly it will secure your staff and help to build confidence and trust within your customer base.

For further information about our data protection software and our training, go to: www.myicaas.com/home-working

iCaaS is the Trusted Standard in Data Protection.

To find out how we can help you and your organisation, get in touch with one of our data protection specialists for advice. Call: 0345 6460066 or email: Contact@myicaas.com

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